SBA Secondary Market Sales

MBL has developed an active network of secondary market investors interested in purchasing the guaranteed portion of SBA loans. which offers credit unions engaged in SBA lending the ability to increase liquidity, improve ROA, and effectively manage cap related restrictions.  Our long-established relationships with a wide array of investor groups allows us to produce exceptional premiums for loans sold into the secondary market.

Preparation of all required documents to complete sales into secondary market

Reporting and management of requirements between the credit union, SBA, and the investor

Remittance and funds management available

Loan Participations

Whether buying or selling, loan participations can play an important role in your credit union’s commercial lending strategy.  If your commercial lending department is relatively new, purchasing participations from other credit unions can be a quick way to build your commercial loan portfolio without having to source the loans.  If you are nearing your regulatory cap for member business loans you can continue to grow your commercial portfolio by purchasing participations, as participation loans are counted under separate limits and do not count as member business loans.  You can also avoid exceeding your regulatory cap for member business loans by selling participations to other credit unions.  Selling participations can also help you manage loan concentrations.

The participation process can be complicated and time consuming. MBL can bring buyers and sellers together and assist you throughout the process, including:

Due Diligence on participating institutions

Full Diligence on participating institutions

Assistance in purchasing and Selling participations loans

Investor reporting and funds remittance

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