Loan Servicing

MBL services all commercial loan types, from CRE to SBA, as well as loan participations to one or more participants. 

Payment and Distribution

ACH payment services

Monthly Statements

Escrow Services

Annual borrower interest statements

Standard and customized report distribution

Covenant tracking

UCC monitoring, renewal, and termination

Loan payoff statement

Loan account adjustments

Electronic loan file management

Reporting to the three business credit bureaus

Term out letters for revolving lines of credit, delinquent notices

SBA 1502 reporting and exceptions management

Web-based real-time loan transaction information

Portfolio Dashboard Reporting

 An overview of your MBL-serviced portfolio’s activity: 

·       Referrals

·       Growth Rate

·       Withdrawal Rate

·       Return on Asset

·       Approval Rate

·      Trouble Rate

·       Funding Rate

·       SBA Purchase Rate

·       Exceptions Rate 

Program trends analysis

Analyze your commercial loan portfolio activity, utilizing detailed trending charts, which provide a visual display of your portfolio activity over the most recent 12 months

Portfolio mix and concentration

An overview of your portfolio by Loan Type, Industry, Collateral Type and Call Code

Portfolio Exceptions

Loan file exceptions by level of severity and aging

Program payment performance

A breakdown of your credit union's portfolio by payment status. This section also contains a breakout of your portfolio’s delinquent loans by Loan Class, displayed by number of loans and portfolio balance

Rolling 12-month charge offs

An overview of all loans charged off within the most recent 12 months, and is separated into three sections, SBA loans only, conventional loans only, and as a combined portfolio. Plus reports like your SBA Purchase Rate and so much more.

Portfolio Monitoring

Monitor loan production and loan file integrity with the use of reports specially designed for your program management team

Weekly Pipeline Reporting

A weekly status update on each of your loans within MBL’s working pipeline

exceptions Reporting

Loan file deficiencies that could jeopardize the SBA guaranty, loan collectability, or could create an examiner finding

Maturing Loans Reporting

This monthly report provides a list of all loans set to mature within 90 days

Detailed Delinquent Loans reporting

Includes loan level data for all loans in your commercial loan portfolio that are 60 days or more past due and flags loans considered to be early delinquencies (loans that are 60 or more days past due that are aged less than 18 months)

Detailed Adverse Risk Rating Reporting

A “watch list” used to monitor loans that have been identified as having “adverse” risk. Loans with adverse risks include those with a less than “Satisfactory” rating, classified as Troubled Debt Restructure (TDR), or that have been flagged by the credit union for additional monitoring

Account Reporting

Simple, easy-to-read daily reports aid and assist in proficient and accurate commercial portfolio management.  We will provide your technicians with the tools they need to efficiently serve your members

Daily Activity Reporting

Used to balance payments, disbursements, and other transactions

Trial balance reporting

Provides the balances and accrued interest on borrowers/participations, plus other loan level information, for all active loans within your portfolio

Past due loans reporting

Provides loan level information for all loans in your portfolio that are more than 10 days past due. Includes supplementary information not included in the delinquency reports

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