Annual Review and Update

of Existing Credit Union Policies and Procedures


Includes recommendations for any updates necessary to adhere to regulatory requirements and/or strategic objective

Comprehensive Evaluations

of the credit union’s internal department


Recommendations providing actionable insights and analysis of staffing and operations


An objective assessment of overall portfolio asset quality


Discussion of present and emerging risk trends within specific portfolio segments or portfolio-wide


Portfolio-wide exception levels that can be identified/paired to specific segments

Independent third-party portfolio reviews

for non-MBL serviced portfolios

Review of the quality of credit underwriting

Accuracy of the risk ratings assigned by the lender

Identification of any problem loans/relationships within the portfolio

Identification of borrower-level loan policy exceptions

Evaluation of the loan portfolio quality by segment

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the credit administration function

Compliance analysis of current legal and regulatory requirements

Benchmark comparison of the credit union’s portfolio against similar institutions’ portfolios

Support is available to facilitate the transfer of loan portfolios to receive full servicing from MBL

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